Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 Days To Go BAY-BEE!

My Wednesday babysitter is confirmed (thank you Kelly . . . I will share my spoils with you).
D is getting his work schedule squared away . . . I am so happy!

I'm so excited to get this thing going!

The GPS is even programmed on my phone. Hey, here is a tip for those of you who who need to use a GPS to get there. The address is new (for example Mapquest doesn't list it yet , my Verizon VZ navigation software doesn't know the address either . . . but Google Maps does) so if whatever system you used doesn't know where the Ikea in Charlotte is simply program your destination as the intersection of I-85 & City Boulevard. I hope this gets you there quickly and safely.

Here's to good weather a safe journey to all and ample parking, deals and fun!


Dee Larson said...

I feel VERY spoiled because I was blessed with a pre opening ticket to go shopping on Saturday at Ikea's pre opening for friends and family so I won't be sleeping overnight on Tuesday. :( Although I heard that they are giving away prizes for the first 100 people at the real opening. I thought you might be interested in our pictures. (They aren't super great quality but it is kind of a preview.)

Ms. Eva said...

You are soooooo lucky Dee!

The pics looked great!
Thank You!

Dee Larson said...

Have a great time when you go!
Wear comfy shoes!